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DEFCON Mfg Underground Bunker Steel StructureDEFCON Underground Mfg, crafts underground bunkers, bomb shelters and emergency shelters that are built with high quality plate steel and re-enforced structural metals. Your entire underground bomb shelter, with renowned durability, is extremely rigid and strong, unlike shelters from many of our competitors.  As extreme pressures are applied; the steel construction frame used in our engineering adds tremendous strength to the bunker while distributing weight and pressure across the entire are. We build them without structural “weak spots” and these underground bunkers will not collapse under weight or unexpected shifts in the surrounding areas.

Multiple customizable underground bunker floor plans to meet your security needs. 

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DEFCON Underground MFG is one of the only bunker companies in the industry with an FFL Licenses, Master Plumber Licenses, Certified Welders, Experienced Excavation Crew and an In-House Manufacturing Plant. DEFCON Underground MFG is able to handle the manufacturing and installation of your unit from start to finish, so give us a call to start the process. 

Do you have questions about the process of installing an underground bunker, emergency shelter or underground bomb shelter. Check out our bunkers FAQ page.

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Here are several Floor Plans that DEFCON offers.

Underground Bunker Bomb Shelter Security and Privacy ImageAt DEFCON Underground Manufacturing, privacy is one of our top priorities. We take a lot of care insuring that your privacy is kept. We do not keep location records after your Underground Bunker or Bomb Shelter is in the ground. We tarp all of our bunkers during shipping. DEFCON Underground MFG install teams will show up in uniforms and vehicles marked as a plumbing company to keep suspicions down. Our install teams will show up to do all excavation and site prep before the arrival of your Underground Bunker or Bomb Shelter. This allows us to get your Underground Bunker or Bomb Shelter in the ground away from prying eyes as soon as possible. The only records DEFCON Underground MFG keeps is for accounting purposes. You can even get a P.O. Box to have your correspondents sent to.   

For a Free Quote, call us at (816) 438-7171 or

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DEFCON Underground MFG is one of the only bunker companies in the industry that also has a retail firearms and survival store, The Armory KC. This allows us to provide not only your Undergrond Bunker or Bomb Shelter, but also all of your firearms, personal gear, food, medical supplies, and just about anything else you will need. Customers of DEFCON Underground MFG will receive deep discounts on all products from The Armory KC






On almost any day, at any time, you can turn on the news and see a startling headline. Terror attacks and natural disasters have become a common occurrence. In locations and events where we used to feel safe, we now feel unsure and possibly unprepared. The time has come to be prepared. Plan for the unknown and unseen by building an underground shelter to protect you and your family.

Take a moment to imagine a terrorist bombing or natural disaster directly affecting you. Who is there to protect your family? Does someone rescue you and take you to a large, government bunker? The answer is no. It’s up to you to prepare for yourself. Not only is it your responsibility, it’s your right as a U.S. citizen. In 2006, FEMA released the National Planning Scenarios listing nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons as credible disasters that federal, state, and local municipalities should develop a preparedness plan for. A disaster shelter falls under this classification as a defensive arm against natural and man-made disasters in this government report. DEFCON shelters are considered an emergency structure that can be redeployed to another location; therefore you have the right to install them to protect yourself.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, give DEFCON Underground MFG a call and start the process of building an Underground Bunker or Bomb Shelter today!

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