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Underground Bunker Custom Engineering

underground bunker custom engineering

Underground Bunkers – Bomb Shelter – Custom Engineering

DEFCON Underground MFG constructs all of its underground bunkers and bomb shelters from a set of stamped Custom Engineering plans. These plans are designed by a professional structural engineer. All of our underground bunkers and bomb shelters are made 100% out of steel inside and out. DEFCON Underground MFG underground bunkers and bomb shelters can also covered with reinforced concrete with structural steel. This will give our bomb shelters an actual nuclear blast rating. A lot of companies say there shelters are bomb shelters but are not actual designed for it. True bomb shelters must be able to carry a significant blast load pressure. Bomb shelters must also be buried at a correct depth to withstand radiation. The depth of the bunker will depend on the range of the anticipated nuclear attack. Please take a look at our engineering load letter. DEFCON Underground MFG makes sure everything is over engineered and we cut no corners. We can also custom engineer any floor plan that you are looking for. If you are looking for escape tunnels, hidden doors, special defensive options,  Rest assured that when the time comes to use your underground bunker or bomb shelter you will have no worries. 

Multiple customizable underground bunker floor plans to meet your security needs. 

For a Free Quote, call us at (816) 438-7171 or

DEFCON Underground MFG is one of the only bunker companies in the industry with an FFL Licenses, Master Plumber Licenses, Certified Welders, Experienced Excavation Crew and an In-House Manufacturing Plant. DEFCON Underground MFG is able to handle the manufacturing and installation of your unit from start to finish, so give us a call to start the process. 

Do you have questions about the process of installing an underground bunker, emergency shelter or underground bomb shelter. Check out our underground bunkers FAQ page.



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