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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our bunker installations: Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about our bunker installations:

While our prices do not include delivery or installation, we will work directly with you to provide up-front pricing and competitive options. Every location is different, and prices vary from geographic location to location. 

DEFCON Underground delivers and installs in the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Delivery charged and installation fees will be impacted in areas unreachable by ground shipping.

Yes, we can hook up directly to your existing foundation wall. It is our goal to provide easy access to your bunker in case of an emergency situation. However, if the owner chooses, we also offer off-site entrances for privacy purposes.

No, we build, deliver, and install your bunker to reduce the number of people who know about your new bunker’s location. In the event that we need to use an outside agency, your privacy will be our highest priority. We will sub-contract all vendors in your area under a different company name. This name is not associated with any bunker or survival company.  Additionally, our employees sign non-disclosure agreements for each location.

Every city is different, so each home owner will bear the responsibility of contacting his or her local city officials. In most situations, a permit will not be required. In the event that a permit is required, we will help you through the process. We are familiar in dealing with city development officials and the codes associated with these projects.

No. Shortly after your unit is installed, we will destroy all records associated with the location of the build. The only records we will retain will be for accounting purposes. Should you choose, you may use a P.O. Box for correspondences.

After installation of your bunker, you will be ready to take your survival preparations and loved ones inside and begin your life underground.

Yes, you can. All of our bunkers are designed with a sealed and ventilated room specifically for this purpose.

No, in fact they are very bright inside. We utilize the latest technology in energy efficient LED lighting.

Most units can be installed in 2-5 days from delivery to completion. Once you are finished selecting your unit and optional upgrades, we will let you know the time-frame for your installation.

Our bunkers are buried anywhere from 36”-72” deep. During our on-site visit, we will be able to locate the ideal depth for your bunker.

YES we do. Financing a bunker is a very hard procedure and most banks will not lend. However, we have obtained a few lenders who are willing to work with you dependent on your credit score and your bunker’s type and location.

We always recommend that you have your land surveyed. You want to look for bedrock, water table, caverns, and any other obstructions that may pose a threat to the installation or depth of your shelter. Most of these things can be dealt with, but may require extra time and cost.

Financing Available 

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