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Underground Bunker Plumbing Upgrades

Propane Tanks For Underground Bunkers


Propane Tanks

LPG tanks installed underground are required to be placed in accordance with provisions that are not common to above ground tank installations. The purpose of these provisions is for the safety and longevity of the buried gas tank. All safety provisions must be adhered to as required by NFPA 58, Section 3.2.9. Choosing an underground installation is aesthetically pleasing and is safe provided all requirements, codes, and rules are followed. DEFCON will ensure that the placement of your tank meets all requirements as well as your needs.

Cathodic Protection
Underground propane tanks and piping are subject to electrolysis. The electrical current which occurs naturally in the earth acts as a tiny drill on an unprotected tank. The current will literally drill a hole in the tank wall, rendering your underground propane storage tank useless. One protective measure that helps prevent damage by electrolysis is the attachment of a magnesium anode bag to the tank itself. The anode bag releases electrons which protect the tank from electrolysis and corrosion.

Backfill – Covering the Tank
Although propane tanks are made of steel, buried tanks are in constant contact with moisture and other elements in an environment that is harsher than that of an above ground gas tank. Ensuring that the integrity of the vessel is not compromised, the hole and tank should be covered with earth or fill that is free of rocks or abrasive materials. We recommend masonry sand as a safe material for backfill. Rocks or abrasives that are in contact with the tank will shorten the useful life of the LPG tank.
*Please know that tanks covered with unapproved backfill (per NFPA 58) constitute an illegal installation and are unfit for LP gas service. DEFCON will only backfill with approved material.

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Septic Tanks For Underground Bunkers


Septic Tank

Underground septic tanks made from polyethylene offer a practical and economical choice over concrete tank options. Below ground plastic septic tanks are easier to install and have the same longevity as other options. We offer both single and double compartment septic tanks to accommodate both small and large groups.

Why choose a Plastic Septic Tank?
* Polyethylene tanks are rustproof, water tight, and corrosion resistant.
* Since plastic septic tanks weigh less than concrete, the installation is cheaper.
* Plastic tanks are less prone to cracking and freeze issues than concrete.
* Can be taken to very remote locations that concrete septic tanks cannot reach.

Septic Tanks are designed and manufactured from high-density polyethylene with U.V. inhibitors to meet wastewater treatment system standards and range in size from 300 thru 1500 gallons. Tanks feature deep ribbing for strength to permit below-ground installations to 36″ depths. Compliment your tank with accessories available at an additional cost such at extensions, risers, access covers and fittings.

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Water Storage Tanks For Underground Bunkers


Water Storage Tank

DEFCON uses tanks that are specifically designed for below -ground water storage called below-ground cisterns. Below ground cisterns provide potable water on demand. Fresh water bulk storage tanks are necessary when city water is not on site or there is a requirement to keep a large reserve of potable water readily available. These tanks will be especially useful in times of crisis or natural disaster. It is important to make sure the tank is certified to store fresh water, so all our tanks are food grade and meet NSF/ANSI 61 requirements. That means you can safely store your drinking water for later consumption.

The use of cisterns in remote areas is commonplace, as is their use at campgrounds, cabins, and construction sites. Now, many who wish to live off the grid need a way to safely store potable water, and a below ground cistern can provide security and instant access to drinking water. These tanks are a perfect vehicle to collect and reuse rainwater, to augment water usage during times of drought or water rationing, and to have access to clean water when other water supplies have been compromised. Tanks range in size from 325 to 2650 gallons, are infused with UV inhibitors for long life and extra durability, are FDA approved for drinking water storage, and are a seamless one-piece design for superior strength. Outfit your tank with accessories that include extensions, risers, access covers and fittings for an additional charge. Please check with your municipality for codes concerning placement of your below ground cistern.

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Water Filtration For Underground Bunkers


Water Filtration

Featuring a more powerful ultraviolet lamp than any other residential or recreational use SAFH2O UV system, the 500 series is capable of producing 3 gallons per minute of safe, clean, and great tasting water. This flow rate is able to support nearly any household faucet or tap – eliminating the need for an additional faucet or under-counter storage tank. We recommend this unit on taps which have separate controls for hot and cold water, eliminating the risk of contaminated water passing through a faucet with a ‘mixer’.
The SAFH2O UV – Model 500 was created for homes on cisterns, wells, lakes or other similar water sources as it is ideal for homes on a water supply with a high level of sediment/contaminants. The Model 500 pre-filters the water, removing any particles larger than 1 micron, before sending the water on to a .5 micron carbon filter which removes chlorine, lead, and other harmful chemicals, as well as any microorganisms larger than 0.0000195”, which could potentially provide sheltering shadows to any microorganisms BEFORE they are exposed to the disinfecting ultraviolet light. As with any SAFH2O UV system, the water is exposed to germicidal UV in the final stage, destroying any bacteria, algae, viruses or other harmful microorganisms which may be present in your water.

The SAFH2O UV – Model 512 includes all of the above features in a system which utilizes 12v DC power – perfect for boats, RVs, and emergency applications where 110v AC connections are not available.

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Shower Features For Underground Bunkers



Every DEFCON bunker comes standard with an all steel 36″ x 36″ shower. Our showers also come standard with 2 corner shelves. All showers come with a detachable shower hand held and a commercial grade shower valve from Moan, American Standard and Gerber. All shower valves have temperature control with them. DEFCON can make any size shower and control layout that you can dream of. 

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Composting Toilets for Underground Bunkers


Composting Toilets

Composting toilets handle human waste by composting and dehydrating it on-site with little or no outside water and no environmental impact.

Think of a composting toilet as your own self-contained waste treatment plant, but one that is easy to use and economical. Some may have electric pumps, but many use no outside power. They use time-tested methods to convert human waste into an odor-free byproduct that is safe and easy to dispose of.

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Tankless Water Heaters for Underground Bunkers


Tankless Water Heater

DEFCON uses ventless, propane gas units that start up with only 2 psi of water pressure! All other tankless gas water heaters require at least 20 psi to startup due to their outdated technology. Our units save space as they are tankless and do not require a traditional flue.

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Kitchen Systems For Underground Bunkers



When it comes to sinks, DEFCON on use top quality stainless steel heavy gauge sinks. We use top quality sinks from American Standard, Elkay and Kohler. These sinks are top quality commercial sink. Options range from single bay, two bay, standard depth and deep depth. No matter what you are looking for in a kitchen sink, DEFCON can accommodate you.

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Flushing Stool Upgrade


Flushing Toilets

DEFCON only uses high quality toilets form American Standard, Toto and Gerber. These stools are commercial grade and have long lasting parts. These toilets are available in standard height or ADA handicap height. A flushing toilet is a familiar option, these flushing toilets are available for those that want the comforts of home underground. No matter what you are looking for for, DEFCON can accommodate your needs. 

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