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Oct 24, 2017

Hello to everyone out there and welcome to my blog! 

I’ll start out with a little introduction. My name is Chad, and I’m far from a skilled writer. The following paragraphs will be full of any and every grammatical error, bad punctuation mistake, and misspelling that my high school English teacher tried to beat out of me.  Grammar Nazi’s can leave now and the rest of you can read my thoughts on guns, gun culture, politics, and who knows what else. As someone once said, blogging is graffiti with punctuation.

I’ll start out with a little of my background. I’ve been shooting guns since I was four years old. My dad got me started early and taught me the fundamentals. He instilled a love of firearms and hunting that might have surpassed his own love for them.  I’ve owned and shot many different guns, worked on them, and had them as an everyday part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve got my favorites, the ones I don’t care for, and the ones I just have not found a use for yet. I’m a forty year old guy who walked away from 20 year career so I could do what I always wanted to do and run a gun shop. I’m an amateur blacksmith, have a love of working metal for most of my life.  I’ll spend most of my free time pounding metal and working on my guns, or at least as much as my fiancé will let me get away with.  I’m a fan of Jeff Cooper and Clint Smith, a hopeless devotee to the Weaver stance, and a huge 1911 fan.

I’ve got opinions (on just about everything) and now all of you out there in internet land get to read about them. While my firearm tastes run mostly old school, I’ll write about new stuff as it comes out and discuss the theories and techniques of shooting. I’m sure there will be a few 1911 blogs and some stuff about long range shooting, as well as hunting and my love for all things scatter gun.

Want to know about the 5 levels of gun owners? Why I love 22lr?  Why you should have paid attention in math class? Well, stay tuned and I’ll update this as often as I can.

Remember to keep your focus on the front sight.

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